About Duuoo

Duuoo.io is a Copenhagen based startup with a mission to help companies become people-first workplaces. What makes Duuoo unique is the fact that we use technology to empower people to have great face-to-face interactions.

Duuoo is a smart assistant that gives managers the tools and information they need to lead productive, engaged and motivated teams. We do that by focusing on 1-on-1 meetings and our assistant is designed to help managers build better relationships with their team members and fully understand their needs.

Duuoo automates logistics and documentation, eases up the prep work so managers can focus on having relevant conversations and helps stay on top of agreements to get a true picture of the team.

We guide you before, after and under all 1-on-1 meetings with preparation and Talking Points handled through our Conversation Engine™ that understands the context and needs of each team member.

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